Dr. Ander Astobieta Odriozola

Urologist in Bilbao

Topdoctors Awards Top Doctors Awards: 2014 and 2017

Dr. Ander Astobieta Odriozola areas of expertise:

Why is a premier specialist?

Bachelor and Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Bilbao, Dr. Astobieta is a highly reputed specialist in Urology. Clinical Head of the Urology Department of the Galdakao-Usánsolo Hospital for more than two decades, nowadays he is part of the Clinical Urology Bilbao Team, developing his work in the IMQ Zorrotzaurre Clinics since 2011. Former associate professor of the Faculty of Nursing of the University of the Basque Country, in 2017 has been awarded a Top Doctors Award.

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Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

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