At Top Doctors® we have a mission: to identify the best specialist doctors in Spain and to make them available to you

Telemedicine, the Second Medical Opinion service, International Medical Tourism, our Symptoms Evaluator, Chat and Online Appointments... we have developed them all for said purpose. But at Top Doctors® we are not content with just this, because we know that sometimes people also need help to finance a medical service more comfortably, whatever that speciality happens to be.

Therefore, we have FinDoctors - the financial service which allows you to access the medical treatment you need, quickly, directly and with good terms and conditions, seeing as it is a service which is customised to the needs of Top Doctors® patients.

Customised advantages

1. The FinDoctors economic terms and conditions are very competitive, don’t hesitate to explain your case to us
2. FinDoctors stands out due to its approval rates
3. You will get a response to your application within an average of 24 hours
4. Choose the formula which best suits you:

Financing up to 12 months interest free*
Financing up to 48 months*

How do I find out which doctors offer the FinDoctors service?

Very simple. The files of the doctors which are registered with FinDoctors have the service logo shown on them.

Also, by using the financing filter on the Doctors Search on our website, you can find the professionals which offer the service.

Get more information by sending an email to [email protected].

*depending on the terms and conditions of the selected financial entity and doctor.

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