Dra. Ana Fernández-Arcos

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Professional statement

Dr. Fernández-Arcos is a recognized specialist in Neurology, an expert in Somnology and with an extensive track record of medical excellence and extensive training in sleep disorders . He is currently part of the prestigious medical board of the AdSalutem Institute , and has published numerous articles in internationally renowned scientific journals.

He has several medical specialization degrees, such as the Master in Sleep Disorders from the University of Barcelona, the accreditation in European Somnologist by the Sleep Research Society or the PhD in Medicine and Translational Research from the University of Barcelona, among others. In addition, he has received several awards for his medical communications and has published numerous medical papers in renowned journals.

Dr. Fernández-Arcos has also participated as a speaker at various conferences and is a member of the most important medical societies of her specialty, such as the Spanish Society of Neurology or the Movement Disorders Group and Insomnia group of the Spanish Sleep Society .

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