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Doctors who accept health insurance Elma

Dr. Lluís González Cañas

Orthopaedic Surgeon


Lumbar disc herniation , Neck pain , Rhizotomy , Cervical disc herniation , Canal stenosis , Back Pain


Dr. Josep Vilaplana i Birba

Pain Management Specialist


Lumbar disc herniation , Low back pain, Neck pain , Fibromyalgia , Osteoarthritis, Migraines


Dr. Xavier Casanova Canals

Orthopaedic Surgeon


Hand nerves surgery, Shoulder Arthroscopy , Wrist Arthroscopy , Anterior cruciate ligament , Sport Orthopaedic, Growth Factors


Doctors who DO NOT accept Elma

Dr. Joaquim Valdivia Tor

Physiotherapist and chiropractor


Lumbar disc herniation , Cervical disc herniation , Back Pain , Migraines , Chiropractic, Vertigo


Carles Centenera Garçon

Bone specialist


Tinnitus , Cronic headache, Back Pain , whiplash, Sports injuries, Visceral Osteopathy


Dr. Jesús Lafuente Baraza



Spinal surgery , Brain Cancers, Column Tumors , Bone marrow cancers, Cranial Endoscopy , Second medical opinion


Dr. Ricard Huélamo

Physical therapist


Anterior cruciate ligament , Neck pain , Low back pain, whiplash, Bio-stimulation with platelet-rich plasma, Sports Physiotherapy


Dr. Jordi Manuel Rimbau Muñoz



Brain Cancers, Bone marrow cancers, Hydrocephalus , Spinal surgery , Minimally invasive spine surgery , Nervous System


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Dr. Isaac Cardiel Grimal


Lumbar disc herniation , Minimally invasive spine surgery , Column Tumors , Cervical disc herniation , Canal stenosis , Oncology Neurology


Dr. Roberto Lastra García



Lumbar disc herniation , Minimally invasive spine surgery , Brain Cancers, Cervical disc herniation , Canal stenosis , Vertebral fixation with browser


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