Dra. Carmen Fernández Pérez

Aesthetic doctor in A Coruña

Dra. Carmen Fernández Pérez areas of expertise:

Why is a premier specialist?

Dr. Carmen Fernández Pérez has a degree in Medicine and General Surgery and a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics . He completed his curriculum with a magician in Aesthetic Medicine by the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and L'Union Internationale de medecine Esthetique; and a master's degree in Liposculpture .

In addition to his professional work, he works as a teacher   of a practical theoretical course on the use of botulinum toxin in aesthetic medicine organized by the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) with accreditation in continuing education, and in the Master of Aesthetic Medicine and Welfare at COM Barcelona. It is also part of   the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine   where she serves as vice president.

Actually, he works as a doctor at the García Barreiro Clinic .

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Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

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