Lip Augmentation

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Created on: 11/13/2012

Updated on: 05/20/2015

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The lip augmentation and remodeling is a cosmetic treatment by infiltration of natural filling materials, can provide thick lips, profile them, give firmness or raise the corners. The most recommended as lip filler substances are usually hyaluronic acid, a component that provides volume and stimulates collagen production, or the patient's own fat extracted and purified previously. Both types of padding get a natural and immediate effect to its infiltration, although being absorbable by the body materials, its effect gradually diminishes over time. Normally, its duration is between six months and one year, but may be repeated this time last treatment. If an increase is desired final lips should practice a chieloplasty, which is an operation in which different techniques implants or grafts (which may be the patient's own fat or other substances such as collagen or goretex ) are used to achieve increased thickness of the lips.