Dr. Alejo Erice Calvo-Sotelo

Internal medicine Specialist in Madrid

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Professional statement

Dr. Alejo Erice Calvo-Sotelo is a recognized specialist in Internal Medicine, being an expert in infectious diseases and infection on joint prostheses and osteoarticular infection. He is currently Head of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Asepeyo Hospital in Madrid, in addition to being the author of numerous publications. Likewise, for many years he has combined his professional work with teaching abroad.

With more than 30 years of experience in the sector, Dr. Erice has helped heal thousands of patients, in addition to having been in continuous training to expand their knowledge. Among its publications and merits are 95 published articles (80 of which in international journals), 17 chapters in medical books, 145 communications in congresses (113 of which international) and 189 conferences (79 of which internationally).

All of these reasons make Dr. Erice Calvo-Sotelo a first-rate specialist and an eminence in the field of Internal Medicine, both nationally and internationally.

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