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Doctors who accept health insurance MAPFRE Salud

Dr. Milton Martínez Madrigal



Spinal surgery , Canal stenosis , Discectomy, Cervical disc herniation , Lumbar disc herniation , Minimally invasive spine surgery


Dr. Julio César Palomino Oquendo


Aneurysm , Column , Low back pain, Back Pain , Cervical disc herniation , Lumbar disc herniation


Doctors who DO NOT accept MAPFRE Salud

Dr. Fran Martínez Ricarte



Brain glioma, Brain metastasis , Second medical opinion , Brain Cancers, Hydrocephalus ,


Dra. Patricia Puerta Roldán


Brain Cancers, Cranial Endoscopy , Chiari Malformation , Minimally invasive spine surgery , Craniosynostosis , Spina bifida


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