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Doctors who accept health insurance Sanitas

Dr. Juan Fernando Biguria Rodríguez

Cardiovascular surgery

Varicone veins, Aneurysm , Venous insufficiency , Minimally invasive artery surgery, Endolaser , Peripheral vascular surgery


Dr. José Francisco Albertos Solera



Varicone veins, Breast Cancer , Breast benign cancers, Hernia, Gallbladder surgery , Colorectal surgery


Dra. María Luisa Robles Martín

vascular surgeon

Varicone veins, Doppler ultrasound , Thrombosis , pelvic varices, Peripheral Arterial Disease , Pathology of the carotid arteries


Dr. Juan Pedro Reyes Ortega

vascular surgeon


Varicone veins, Diabetic Foot , Aneurysm , Microfoam varices , Thrombosis , Atherosclerosis


Dra. Ana Téllez Delgado

Aesthetic doctor

Botulinum toxin (botox) , Hyaluronic Acid , Nose modeling, spider veins, Laser Tattoo Removal , Facelift


Doctors who DO NOT accept Sanitas

Dr. Miguel Such Martínez

Cardiovascular surgeon


Varicone veins, Aortic stenosis, coronary angioplasty, Mitral valve repair, Aortic root surgery, Aneurysm


Dr. Fernando Gallardo Pedrajas

vascular surgeon


Varicone veins, Aneurysm , Diabetic Foot , Thrombosis , Ictus , Peripheral Arterial Disease


Dra. Maria Isabel Lara Guerrero

vascular surgeon

Varicone veins, spider veins, Aneurysm , Diabetic Foot , endovascular surgery, Thrombosis


Dr. Rubén Rodríguez Carvajal

vascular surgeon


Varicone veins, , pelvic varices, Thrombosis , Aneurysm , Diabetic Foot


Dra. Elvira Noguera



Varicone veins, warts, Skin cancer, Cosmetic Dermatology , Facial Fillers , Botulinum toxin (botox)


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