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Dr. Miquel Valldosera Roselló

Maxillofacial surgeon (3)

Dental Implants , Maxillofacial Surgery , Wisdom Teeth , Oral and Maxillofacial Oncology , Facial trauma,


Dr. Rafael De Paz Sánchez

Maxillofacial surgeon (8)

Orthognathic surgery , Implants 3D planning, Temporomandibular joint, Invisible Orthodontics ,


Dr. Javier Mareque Bueno

Maxillofacial surgeon (16)

Orthognathic surgery , Facial Plastic Surgery , Dental Implants , Temporomandibular joint, Facial trauma, Mentoplasty


Dr. Manuel Martínez Navarro

Maxillofacial surgeon (1)

Oral Surgery , Maxillofacial Surgery , Dental Implants , Orthognathic surgery , bone grafts, Tumors of the head and neck (oral cavity, larynx, pharynx)


Dra. Johanna Gregoire Ferriol

Maxillofacial surgeon (9)

Facial Reconstruction , Tumors of the head and neck (oral cavity, larynx, pharynx) , Dental Implants , Maxillofacial Surgery , Dental implants zygomatic ,


Dr. Tomás Portaceli Roig

Maxillofacial surgeon (6)

Oral Surgery , Immediate loading implants , Dental Implants , Facial implants , bone grafts,


Dr. Antonio Acosta Moyano

Maxillofacial surgeon (5)

Dental Implants , Wisdom Teeth , Neuralgia, Dental TAC ,


Dr. Joan Brunsó Casellas

Maxillofacial surgeon (5)

Orthognathic surgery , Sleep apnea, Facial Reconstruction , bone grafts, Dental Implants , Oral and Maxillofacial Oncology


Dr. José Ramón García Vega

Maxillofacial surgeon (14)

Maxillofacial Surgery , Oral Surgery , Orthognathic surgery , Dental Implants , Salivary glands, Temporomandibular joint


Dr. José Alfonso Ruiz Infante

Maxillofacial surgeon (4)

bone grafts, Prosthetic Implants , Dental Implants , Oral Surgery , Orthognathic surgery , Dental malocclusion


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