Diabetes Diet

Diabetes nutrition should be the basic principle of all those patients who wish to have a good control of the disease in both type I diabetes, or insulin, as in type II. The diabetic patient should meet their nutritional needs with nutritionist and establish the foundations for proper control of the disease, based on three pillars: diet, insulin and exercise. Depending on the dose of insulin required (in cases of type I diabetes) and exercise or daily activity carried out in addition to consider other aspects such as developing other diseases diet will be personalized. Furthermore, in diabetes diet 5 meals a day are performed, to always be possible at the same time, in amounts somewhat lower than usual, without neglecting any of the food groups (carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, and water) and balancing carbohydrate intake, protein and fat. Besides, avoid foods high in cholesterol (sausages and fats) and try to always eat fresh food (never prepared), and control the presence of chromium, zinc and sodium in the diet. Regarding called diabetic food, despite being considered suitable for diet, it is not advisable abused are prepared as products.
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