Invisalign, invisible braces to correct malocclusion

Written by: Almudena Magán Moya
Edited by: Top Doctors®


Invisalign® is an invisible orthodontic technique that, through an organized sequence of transparent aligners, generates the dental movements necessary to correct practically all of the most frequent malocclusion problems.

The aligners or aligners are manufactured based on a meticulous and personalized three-dimensional study of the case to be treated. This tool in 3D, known as " Clincheck ", allows us to design a treatment plan with great accuracy and precision, in addition to knowing its duration with a minimum margin of error.

Every two weeks the patient receives a pair of new aligners. The use of these must be maintained and constant for a minimum of 20 hours / day to guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment.

Meals and brushing are done without the aligners in the mouth, which makes the system extremely comfortable and hygienic. It also offers a high degree of aesthetics.

Invisalign® is an advantageous alternative to conventional brackets because of its great precision, its aesthetic improvement and the comfort it offers the patient.

Virtually all malocclusions can be treated with this system, although it must always be the orthodontist who correctly diagnoses the case and indicates the pros and cons presented by the different techniques that exist in the current orthodontic market.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Almudena Magán Moya

Magan is Almudena treatment specialist Invisible orthodontics, and has been certified in Invisalign, the virtually invisible way to align your teeth. He works in the family clinic and, like the rest of the team, always concerned about the latest information on technological innovations in terms of study and training.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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