Invisalign: the innovative invisible orthodontics

Written by: Dra. Patrocinio Gómez Martínez
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Invisalign orthodontics is a system consisting of a set of transparent ferrules transferring patients every 15 days. This type of treatment it is recommended to patients who require maximum esthetics during orthodontic.

Previous steps and planning Invisalign cases

On the first date photos are taken, both intraoral and extraoral, and x-rays and measures necessary to carry out the treatment plan. All this information is sent to the United States and from there sent to the clinical treatment plan for specialists in dentistry we review and make the appropriate changes.

Once everything is planned properly, the ferrules case are sent to the clinic. Splints take a ClinCheck that provide the information necessary to perform specific to each tooth movements.


Types of Invisalign system

There are different systems Invisalign carried out in each individual case:

• System i7: consists of seven splints and is used for very simple cases only small corrections.

• Lite System: consists ferrules 14, which are also used for simple cases of small corrections, but not as simple as in the previous case.

• Full System and Teen: they consist of an indefinite number of ferrules. The purpose of both is the truly complex treatment of cases. Teen used for young patients with mixed dentition and has the peculiarity that changes color depending on how long the patient to wear the splint in the mouth. Full is used for the permanent dentition.


Advantages of Invisalign system

The placement of this orthodontics is not at all a painful process and does not affect the way you talk or when to sleep or eat. Obviously, the patient wears something in your mouth and the feeling is not the same as if you do not take anything, but not present any problem to eat or sleep. Also, if a patient wears other orthodontics, Invisalign can be changed without any problems, simply have to retake new models, photos and x-rays, and replan the case as if starting from scratch.


Recommendations for good use of Invisalign

In the Invisalign system, as in all orthodontic systems it is vital an exhaustive hygiene. These splints should take 24 hours a day, excluding the time of eating and brushing teeth. Upon completion of the treatment, it is important to continue to maintain good hygiene and go to the revisions professional deems appropriate. review the patient to attend at least once a month is also recommended.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Patrocinio Gómez Martínez

Dr. Patrocinio Gómez Martínez is a Stomatologist specialized in visible and invisible ORTHODONTICS, both for children and adults, with a professional career of more than 35 years. Currently, he directs and spends his time at the PATRODENT Dental Clinic in Seville, where he shares a medical team with his daughter and also dentist Ángela Martín Gómez.

Trained in Spain and France, Dr. Patrocinio has combined her medical career with participation in different and diverse courses, conferences and scientific conferences focused on dentistry and orthodontics.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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