Botox and myths in aesthetic medicine

Written by: Dra. Katherine Bedoya Jerí
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The treatment with botox is considered by the specialists in aesthetic medicine as the star treatment within the treatments of aesthetic medicine. However, there are numerous myths about him.

botox treatment prevents wrinkles What is botox?

Botox is a protein that relaxes the muscles of the upper third of the face: forehead, eyebrows and crow's feet. It has been used for more than 20 years and its main objective is to attenuate wrinkles of expression. Its effect is not permanent, since it lasts about 6 months; In the case of males, the effect usually lasts 4 months and in women 6, it depends on the muscular strength of the muscles to be treated, which varies according to each person.

Myths of botox

There are many myths surrounding the treatment of botox.

Myth 1: Botox loses expression, creates an appearance of facial rigidity

If botox is applied correctly and by expert hands, its effect is most valued by patients in their natural state.

Myth 2: Once the effects disappear, will the wrinkles be worse than before?

Not because Botox, in addition to reducing wrinkles, prevents them.

Myth 3: The botox deforms the lips

Botox is never applied to the lips. In facial aesthetics, botox is only applied in the upper third of the face.

Myth 4: Botox can not be applied many times because it is harmful since it is a toxin

Although botox is a toxin, it is purified so as not to cause adverse effects. It is advisable not to abuse its use and expect the relaxed muscle to regain its full activity.

Myth 5: With the creams with "botox effect" I get the same results as with the botox applied by a doctor

No cream currently marketed can achieve the results that are achieved with botox injection. The cream acts only on the skin, while botox does it on the muscle.

Myth 6: It is dangerous to apply botox

The adverse effects of botox can appear as in any drug in less than 1% of cases. Some of these effects can be: redness and / or pain in the area of ​​the application, some small bruise, etc.

Myth 7: Botox is only for women over 45

Botox is currently being used in 30-year-old women. Its application is becoming more frequent with a preventive effect.

Myth 8: Botox will affect vision

There is some contraindication in any eye disease, so it is important to carry out a previous medical evaluation.

Myth 9: There are different qualities of botox

There are not different qualities of botox, what there is is different laboratories that produce it and with different names. Although botox is the most popular name.

Myth 10: The botox application hurts

The botox itself does not hurt, which can cause pain is the injection puncture.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dra. Katherine Bedoya Jerí

By Dra. Katherine Bedoya Jerí
Aesthetic Medicine

The Bedoya doctor is a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine. Expert in facial rejuvenation treatments with botox, facial fillers, bio-stimulants (PRP ), thread lift, dermarrollers, peels, mesotherapy, laser;Corporal with carboxiterapia, Aqualix, etc. She graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1994 from the State University of Medicine Russia, Moscow. Member of several associations and author of numerous publications.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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