Risk Pregnancy

Risk pregnancy is a type of pregnancy in which there is more chance that the mother or the child have any problems. It is necessary rest and medical supervision and, in some cases it is necessary or take medication or an additional food supplement.
To be one, medium, high or very high risk pregnancy, diseases should be given the mother, the fetus or circumstances that can endanger both.
Medium risk
Pregnancies under 17 and over 38, obese women with abnormalities in the pelvis, with negative Rh, smoking ...
Severe anemia mother, twin pregnancy, the uterus operated unfavorable obstetrical history or women, infection, gestational diabetes, suspected fetal malformation, morbidly obese, ..
Very high risk
Multiple gestations, uterine malformations, heart disease, diabetes, cervical incontinence, restricted fetal growth, fetal malformation confirmed, placenta previa, severe preeclampsia, preterm labor, ruptured membrane.
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