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Written by: Dr. Carlos Cerdán Darder
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What controls a woman who becomes pregnant should be done?

Once you have received the happy news that you're pregnant because you have done a urine test at home that you confirm the pregnancy, it is important that the two si-lowing weeks, turn to your gynecologist to confirm the pregnancy ecogra-trust. Ultrasound is a transvaginal ultrasound where we look there is a uterine gestational sac with a heartbeat and in utero. This confirms that you are pregnant and the following tests are going to do in that quarter will be the screening of the first quarter in which we see the potential or risk you have of having a baby with Down syndrome, in which we make a ultrasound to measure nuchal translucency baby along with an analytical determines some hormones. All this forms a formula that will indicate the level of risk you are to have problems. If the index is low then the pregnancy is not at risk but if the rate is high is when should we do an amniocentesis which is a small prick in the belly to remove amniotic fluid and check the baby's chromosomes to rule out Down syndrome and other chromosomal problems. Once we already know you're pregnant, which is in place and that the risk of Down's very little we have proof of anatomy baby is ultrasound 20 weeks, morphological, in which we will determine that all the anatomy Baby is correct and that there has been any malformations.


What tests are done in the second trimester?

It is important and in the second quarter and have a good relationship and a trust-za with your gynecologist, you establish a good line so that we can ask all the questions that come to you, plus all you people outside CAUSE. In the second quarter we will determine that the mother is well. At first we have already determined that the pregnancy was fine and safe at first, now let's see your tensions are fine, your weight is still appropriate and handle well the sugar with a test called O'Sullivan test that will tell us if you have gestational diabetes or not. The following is an ultrasound of baby growth control around week 30-34, in which we see that babies who are outside the range in certain percentiles are either very large or very small, between 2 ranges between 90th percentile and the 10th percentile is the normal growth of babies. 50% would stripe means to determine good growth lane where the baby will be in future weeks.


What tests are performed late in pregnancy?

Now we have had a birth control in which there has not been any problem or we could tackle the problems that have been causing. We still have to determine if you're carrying a bacterium called group B strep that could contaminate the baby and cause problems once born, and the next thing you do is set the fetal well-being by means of straps which comes a monitoring baby's heartbeat, fetal movement baby and contractions you may have. These straps we do toward the end, when you're already accomplished, determine if the baby is fine and we can continue to expect or whether to make a prior intervention.


What precautions should you follow?

Normal care that common sense mark. You do not have to do anything special, you're not in a disease process, but a process of gestation. You have to feed normal for you, not for two, there will be a fattening 10 kilos, from 9 to 15 kilos, depending on the weight that you had before, you can exercise, have sex, lead a normal life. At first it is easier to end the discomfort of wearing the belly determines some back pain, indigestion ... All these issues can go talk to your gynecologist but you have to lead a normal life.


When did you know that labor will start?

That is always a process of anxiety but when you have regular contractions every 5 minutes, or break waters, in which amniotic fluid when the amniotic fluid leaves and legs get wet, it will determine that you have to go to the delivery room for the midwife you value and, if the cervix has been erased and dilating, de-will end already you are in labor and that the process has begun.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Carlos Cerdán Darder
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Cerdán is a renowned specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics. He has more than 30 years of experience in the profession and extensive training in different fields of the specialty. In particular, she is an expert in Obstetrics: pregnancy, childbirth, infertility and pregnancy control, as well as in general gynecology: gynecological and menopausal examinations. He is currently the chief of gynecology and obstetrics service at Hospital Quirón Palmaplanas de Mallorca.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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