Hypertension Diet

Hypertension is a chronic disruption of normal blood pressure (140 mm Hg systolic and 90 mm Hg diastolic pressure) that can have serious consequences for cardiovascular health. It is associated with some diseases (high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, stress, overweight or sedentary), the consumption of some drugs, and poor eating habits. That is why nutrition for hypertension should focus on adapting and improving these customs with the aim of reducing these levels of blood pressure, and hypertension diet should be low in salt. The body needs daily 1.25 g of salt and should consume maximum dose is the equivalent of a teaspoon (6 g) because, well, most foods already contain salt or other seasonings. In power for hypertension should avoid eating or packaged convenience products, such as packet soups, pizzas, sausages, etc. Also, avoid exciting drinks (coffee, especially), alcohol, snuff and follow a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and, in general, foods that contain little fat.

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