Food intolerance

Food intolerance is an adverse reaction of the body to the intake of certain foods, additives and preservatives that cause the immune system in the formation of antibodies against proteins of certain foodstuffs. Some of the most common foods that cause food intolerance are milk, eggs, some flour and yeast, or nuts. Symptoms or organic manifestations are often cause diarrhea, stomach pain or headaches, acne or skin problems, fatigue ... Instead, a food allergy triggers a much faster reaction in the immune system and dangerous to health (hives , eczema, swelling, difficulty breathing ...), so it is imperative to seek urgent medical help, because in severe cases can even lead to death. Both a type of food reaction or the other, you should consult a doctor to detect which foods cause these reactions and begin treatment, which usually consist in following a diet that avoids the use of substances that cause the problem.