Obesity and Sopreso

Written by: Dr. Xavier Xercavins Comas
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Overweight and obesity are defined as an abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat that can be harmful to health.

They are quantified using the body mass index (BMI). It is calculated by dividing the weight of a person by the square of his size (kg / m2).

- BMI> 25: overweight.

- BMI> 30: obesity.

There is another index, the "percentage of body fat", much more reliable than the BMI , since it allows to quantify and to differentiate the lean mass of the fat. The most precise way of quantifying it, and the one we use in our consultation, is by bioelectrical impedance apparatus.

Depending on the location of fat, there are two types of obesity:

-peripheral (glutes, thighs and arms).

-central (abdominal), the most harmful.

Waist circumference (> 102 cm in men and> 88 cm in women) quantifies central obesity.


Causes and consequences

Being overweight is the fifth mortality factor in the world.

The causes are multiple: genetic inheritance, behavior of the nervous system, endocrine and metabolic, lifestyle , but we could simplify saying that it is due to:

- Excessive caloric intake

- Low physical activity

The main consequences are:

- Coronary heart disease

- Type 2 diabetes

- Cancer (endometrium, breast, colon ...)

- Hypertension

- Dyslipidemia (high levels of cholesterol or triglycerides)

- Stroke

- Sleep Apnea and Respiratory Problems

- Osteoarthritis

- Gynecological problems (abnormal menstruation, infertility), hepatic ...

This risk increases with increasing BMI.


Prevent and combat

Being overweight and obese, as well as their associated diseases, can be prevented and treated. In our office we have an interdisciplinary team equipped with the most modern systems for the diagnosis and treatment of obesity. After a thorough personal examination of each case, the doctor will tell you which are the most appropriate ways to lose weight and reduce abdominal fat.

Broadly speaking the procedures are:

- Personalized diet adapted to each patient

- Increase of the appropriate physical exercise to each case, and change of the habits of life.

- Determination of the pathologies associated with the most modern methods of diagnosis.

- Genetic testing in some cases

- Use of modern biomechanical methods

In recent years, a revolution has been taking place in the coadjutant methods of weight and fat reduction , represented by novel and effective biomechanical techniques applied to this field. These include Lipocavitation and more recently Cryolipolysis, both based on physical principles that achieve an effect "liposuction without surgery". After years of research, doctors at Massachusetts Hospital (Harvard University) presented their studies on the effectiveness of cryolipolysis and the FDA approved its use in 2010. We currently have the most modern technology worldwide, at the service of our patients.

The ideal is to combine different biomechanical means with the different techniques to achieve the best result.

The exhaustive medical and interdisciplinary control carried out in our office is a guarantee for these procedures to reach the desired objectives.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Xavier Xercavins Comas
Internal Medicine

Dr. Xercavins Comas is a specialist in General Medicine . He is an expert in Internal and Integrative Medicine and in Preventive Medicine with extensive professional experience. He has areas of special dedication in Orthomolecular Medicine and Antiaging Medicine . He also uses Natural Medicine with a scientific basis often based on predictive genetic studies. As a specialist in this field, it has more than 250 thousand queries made. His areas of maximum dedication are cardiovascular risk factors , including his medical check-ups . Chronic diseases and integrative support for rare and complex diseases. Chronic pathologies of the digestive system such as the so-called irritable colon. Diseases difficult to solve such as chronic fatigue etc. The treatment of overweight and obesity , especially abdominal obesity, due to the multiple risks associated with it, is one of their preferences. The entire team at your Medical Center is dedicated to this topic. Dr. José Mª Diéguez, collaborator at the Center for more than 20 years is the expert in these therapies that include personalized nutrition and advanced biophysical therapies that have been practiced for a few years, specially designed for abdominal fat. Both for these therapies and for their checkups they have and use the most advanced devices. There is only one small device that is almost not used in this Medical Center, the clock. And they really do not look at the time they dedicate to their patients or the hours of work or study, congresses etc. Both Dr Xercavins and Dr Diéguez and other collaborators usually say that everything is based on a great vocation and love for what they do.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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