Injuries derived from running

Written by: Dr. David López Capapé
Published: | Updated: 10/11/2018
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The fondness for running has increased considerably in recent years and sporting competitions are also increasingly present. This sport has many benefits, but we must be aware and observe certain precautions to prevent injuries that may occur after a bad practice.  

Lesions of the corridor are those produced by microtrauma or overload the musculoskeletal system supports when the run is practiced. The lesions may be of different types such as muscle (contractures and breaks), tendon (the most common is the tendon injury Achilles and patellar and hamstring in the case of brokers), bone (stress fracture) and joint ( problems of cartilage in knees, ankles or hips among others).

Although each case is unique, the causes are usually always an imbalance between training load and competitions to which the body is subjected, as well as our ability to recover from it and to assimilate without damage. There are intrinsic factors such as weight and morphology of the legs or feet, and extrinsic, such as shoes or terrain that the race is practiced, favoring that damage occurs or not. In many cases, brokers do not make enough breaks, accumulating unnecessary strain that can generate injuries in our muscles.

Most of these injuries are easy to diagnose, after hearing the history that relates to the patient and do a physical exam in the office. Today, we turn to complementary imaging tests to confirm and better define prognosis and treatment guidelines.

We must always keep in mind that prevention is the key to any type of injury. However, if we notice any ailment need for adequate care professionals as trainers, doctors or physiotherapists. One of the most important things is to not perform very abrupt increases in weekly mileage and recover always well after a competition. Another fundamental aspect we can not ignore are stretching the end of training. A healthy balanced diet contains sufficient breaks will prevent us from certain unnecessary ailments.

The treatment we have to go is different for each lesion and by patient. However, in lesions of the corridor is common to spend a period of alternative training, resorting to physical therapy or sometimes surgery. Specifically, the broker undergoes surgery especially in joint injuries or deformities Haglund's syndrome, because with very simple operations can be resolved or improved to continue practicing running.

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By Dr. David López Capapé
Orthopaedic Surgery

Medical specialist in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Traumatology, which has been focused since the beginning of his professional career, given his great relationship with sports, especially athletics. The experience as a first athlete and coach now, allows a better approach to the injuries suffered by the professional or amateur athlete. The application of all advances in sports medicine to the entire population is very useful. He is a medical doctor in Achilles tendon injuries, muscle injuries, articular cartilage injuries, viscosupplementation with hyaluronic acid, injuries of the lower limb especially knee, ankle and foot. Medical Director and Consultation Advanced Traumatology at BIClinic

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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