Infidelity is like unhappiness

Written by: Dr. Sergio Oliveros Calvo
Edited by: Top Doctors®

In the year 2000 'Infiel' premiered, a magnificent film that was about the couple's relationship. One critic said about her that "the word infidelity is too much like unhappiness".

Infidelity is very related to unhappiness, since it is cause and consequence

We understand infidelity the maintenance of sexual or loving relationships with a third person behind the partner's own back. When it is discovered, it is a fact that never leaves things as they were previously, and always places the couple at a point far from the baseline. It supposes an earthquake from which it is practically impossible to leave unharmed even using the pattern that previously served as a link for the relationship.

Many factors can be the cause of maintaining a relationship outside the couple. The most frequent are the immaturity of the relationship and the existence of a pathology in one of the members such as manic phases, depression or addiction to sex, as well as stress, ego or smothering in one of the two. When you discover an infidelity you lose your present, but also your future and your past with that person. They are too many things at the same time so that they can be easy to digest, and they always reveal a previous problem in the couple structure .


What leads to infidelity?

Infidelity not only leads to unhappiness, but also comes from it. In many occasions, the separation is a much healthier and mature decision than the obstinacy in keeping the couple against all odds. A mature person can recognize the end of their relationship, which will allow them to separate and be prepared to establish new relationships and sexual relationships.


We often tend to demonize the infidel , but it is key to understand him. Many times the deceived is as responsible for the infidelity as the one who commits it because he has been able to create a fictitious relationship that only satisfies his own needs.


Help infidelity

Infidelity is the fever of a sick relationship. That is why it is necessary to know the roots of the problem and solve it as much as possible. Taking these earthquakes as opportunities supposes to redefine things better and to lead individuals to a happiness and well-being that without a limit situation they could never have reached.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Sergio Oliveros Calvo

Dr. Sergio Oliveros Calvo is a psychiatrist specialized in psychotherapy oriented to the psychology of the self, with special dedication to personality disorders and somatization disorders; offers a complete and integrated vision of mental illness thanks to its solid training in psychiatry and psychotherapy, and its more than 25 years of clinical and research experience. He has done part of his training in the United States and directed numerous scientific investigations. His knowledge and professional trajectory have enabled him to be a teacher in numerous centers, both in Spain and in the United States.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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