Treatment of dark circles

The antiojeras treatment is a technique based on the infiltration of collagen or hyaluronic acid which is applied to the area by injection. Given the delicacy of the area of ​​dark circles, it is a complex but little painful treatment, although you can use local or topical anesthesia to reduce patient discomfort. In addition, you can apply in both men and women of all ages raised Removing dark circles, and it is a very effective and satisfactory to beautify that area of ​​the face, correcting eye bags technique, sunken circles and marked giving a dull and exhausted to face. The results are immediately visible from the first session but to achieve the desired effect in some cases may require ongoing treatment handed out two to three sessions. Furthermore, depending on the patient and the amount of collagen or hyaluronic acid injected the result will take about time, being able to perform an improvement session once a year.