What should I do to remove my dark circles ?

Written by: Dra. Maria José Barba Martínez
Published: | Updated: 15/11/2018
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Dark circles are a common pathology and appearing or sit around our eyes altering the harmony of our face. Often advice as quitting smoking, sleep regulatory hours, reduce stress or apply cold cloths are not sufficient to eliminate. & iquest;But to be and how we can remove them ? Next, the prestigious Dr.. Barba Martinez will respond.

dark circles start with a touch lightly brown to go through bluish, purplish or dark brown. Its appearance can be capricious and given only in lower eyelids, or both, in the upper or lower. Also arise regardless of age and sex, intensifying with disease, fatigue or stress, among others, causing a sad or tired look.

Gradually, dark circles can become permanent without apparent cause that justifies. There are purple, dark circles and even sunken, resulting in people suffering all the time in the lower eyelids and upper eyelids, giving an appearance of mask. Besides prevention, which is a personal work that we do in our everyday life, if we apply this troublesome affection treatment we can turn to the experts.


antiojeras Treatment

From the clinic of the Dr. Barba Martinez recommend the most effective treatments to fight dark circles, such as:

  1. Removal of dark coloration of the skin of the eyelids. The technique used is the ultra CO2 laser, eliminating the hue caused by iron emerged from the dilated vessels.
  2. Laser vascular to reduce vascular dilation of the eyelids.
  1. Reduction of dark circles depressed groove injecting hyaluronic acid or lipotransference of the extracted fat from the patient's own body.


To remedy the dark circles not simply apply a single treatment. In most cases should alternate different methods to get your maximum reduction. The patient should accept that this condition can not be eradicated, so the treatments antiojeras must be supported by other care as the use of skin lightening, sunscreen or decongestants to so maintain the long-term.

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By Dra. Maria José Barba Martínez
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Barba Martinez meets his 30-year career; is an expert in female intimate surgery, facial and body tension wires, laser blepharoplasty mastology addition to other treatments, such as capillaries. He has completed many related to their specialty, lectured at national and international studies, and is at the forefront of new techniques, some pioneers like female intimate surgery in Spain (ginecoestética).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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