Pneumothorax is the presence of air in the space between the lungs (pleural space), causing loss of lung volume and collapse of the affected side. There are different types of this disease: tension pneumothorax, spontaneous, spontaneous secondary to other lung diseases and secondary to trauma. Among them, the most common is the spontaneous pneumothorax occurs without a clear obvious cause. The main symptoms of this disease are shortness of breath and chest tightness, followed by an increase in heart rate and change in skin color, which turns blue due to lack of oxygen. After performing a chest radiograph and arterial blood gas treatment is set to eliminate air in the pleura, allowing the expansion of the lung. Depending on the amount of air present and the degree of compression exerted on the lung will prescribe rest or be placed, via hospital, a chest tube between the ribs to allow the evacuation of air. This drainage can last several days and its control is necessary in a medical center. In cases of recurrent pneumothorax, surgery is required to close the area of ​​the air outlet pleura from the lung.
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