Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis (CF), or mucovicidosis, is a non-contagious and incurable, hereditary, genetic disease, manifested at birth because of the inheritance of altered genes. This complex disease is characterized because it affects all organs but in different ways and to varying degrees, depending on the case. When it has CF. a very viscous mucus that clogs the lungs, digestive system and the player occurs, preventing normal operation. The diagnosis is made by genetic analysis of blood and from or iontophoresis sweat test to check the excessive secretion of salt through sweat in these patients. Currently, he is studying to apply gene therapy to cure CF by replacing the defective gene that causes this disease otherwise normal-functioning. Meanwhile, therapies and drugs most used for this disease: respiratory physiotherapy exercises with previous inhalation drug for thinning mucus; antibiotic treatment, oral, intravenous or inhaled route; pancreatic enzymes administered at each meal; vitamin supplements, calorie supplements and proper diet; isotonic drinks to prevent dehydration; performing some light exercise to improve lung capacity, and in extremely serious cases, the transplant.
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