Post-digestive surgery diet

Specialty of Nutrition & Dietetics

The post-surgery digestive nutrition is essential in the recovery of patients who have undergone surgery. Often presented malnutrition or impaired nutritional status before surgery, due to the pathology present, and this is exacerbated by the surgery itself, by the fasting period involved and the possible postoperative complications. Therefore the post-surgery digestive diet should avoid malnutrition and maintain muscle, immune and cognitive function of the body trying to reduce the stress that may have resulted in such surgery and improve postoperative recovery. The most common is called to perform a progressive diet, that is, passing through different stages of introduction of foods depending on the pathology to present the sick before his speech and general health to present today. Generally, it is decided first by an intravenous feeding (serums, etc.) to pass then to introduce the liquid diet assessing the effects on patients in order to keep hydrated (water, liquid egg and liquid complete ) adding more foods to the diet by increasing acceptance: water, tea, sugar, broth, decaffeinated coffee and tea, cereal beverages, fruit drinks, jelly, honey, hard candy, milk, yogurt, boiled corn, boiled vegetables pureed fruit juices without seeds. The next phase is to introduce own a bland diet foods to pass current hospital diet or diet.

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