Breastfeeding Diet

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are two moments in the life of women in the caloric needs are increased by the intrauterine fetal growth, in the first case and the preparation for milk production in the second. This requires a dietary adaptation to the new situation that will be given by the monitoring of a nutrition during pregnancy and lactation diet to ensure proper welfare of mother and child. In both cases, you should follow a balanced diet of 5 meals a day, with plenty of fresh produce (fruits, vegetables), vitamins, cereals, legumes, few sugars and fats, and an extra supply of nutrients during pregnancy of 300 kcal and 500 kcal in infancy. In no case it is healthy eating less or more of the recommended by the specialist to avoid excessive weight loss or to the mother. Also during pregnancy it is also required an extra intake of vitamin B12, iron, and in some cases, calcium. The food that the mother consumes during pregnancy and lactation shape the overall health of the baby and favor the quality of breast milk.

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