Treatment of psoriatic arthritis in hands

Written by: Dra. Mireia Esplugas
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Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that usually affects only the skin, with the usual symptoms of psoriatic plaques affecting knees, elbows and BTE areas among others. Nails patient with psoriasis have a very typical Pitted concavities or grooves of this disease.

However, some patients develop also a joint (psoriatic arthritis) inflammation that can occur even before skin lesions, resulting in many patients visiting the orthopedist. Arthritis comes with pain, stiffness, swelling and increased local temperature articular. It can affect from the fingers, toes, and heels to the column.

Both cutaneous psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are manifested outbreaks: the patient will not present phases disease (remission).


Psoriatic arthritis in hands

psoriasic arthritis At the level of the hands, psoriatic arthritis inflames the proximal interphalangeal joints, giving an aspect of "sausage finger" and deforms the distal interphalangeal joints.


Diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis

The diagnosis is based on physical examination of the hands, feet and spine of the patient. Rheumatologist need to make a differential diagnosis with other diseases involving arthritis of the finger joints: rheumatoid arthritis, gout, pseudo-gout and arthritic degeneration.


Treatment of psoriatic arthritis in hands

There is no curative treatment of psoriatic arthritis.

Treatments that are offered are aimed at controlling symptoms (pain and inflammation), improve hand function and prevent disease progression to joint degeneration since it can be very limiting.

The multidisciplinary work of Rheumatologists, family physicians, dermatologists, physiotherapists and Surgeons hand is essential. There are several treatment options for psoriatic arthritis, according to the degree of aggressiveness that has the disease.

  • Rheumatology medication: can delay joint degeneration.
  • Articular infiltrations: improve symptoms of pain and swelling and therefore mobility.
  • Physical therapy: decrease pain, increase joint function and prevent toe deformities that can reduce the overall function of the hand.


Hand surgery with psoriatic arthritis

Surgery should be performed by a surgeon Specialist Hand Surgery. He is the one who can decide when and how to perform the technique indicated to improve hand function. Most gestures are indicated surgical prosthetic replacement of joints (especially of the proximal interphalangeal joints) or arthrodesis (mostly indicated in the distal interphalangeal joints).

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By Dra. Mireia Esplugas
Orthopaedic Surgery

Dra. Mireia Esplugas is a renowned specialist in Traumatology and Orthopaedic Surgery with over 22 years experience in the best techniques of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of hand and wrist. His Extensive training is endorsed by the European Diploma in FESSH in hand surgery that obtained in 2005, as well as a full career of success in the exercise of their profession. Currently, he is responsible at the national level of the Unit of Pathology and Surgery of the Hand in Activamutua combines clinical activity with the research having received for his studies, prestigious international awards. In addition, he is a member of the Society of Surgery and Arthroscopy Hand and National and International Doll and has participated in numerous conferences and national medical and international conferences, being author and co-author of many articles and books in his field. Currently, Dr. Esplugas is the President of the Organizing Committee of Congress that the Spanish Society for Surgery of the Hand held Tarragona in 2019. In their eagerness to form aa other professionals in pathology of the hand and wrist, and years that publishes a blog and a Twitter account professionals, sharing their experience and knowledge among the medical community and national and international rehabilitadora ago.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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