What interventions are in hand surgery?

Written by: Dr. Eduardo Olalla Real
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
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  • 1- aimed at functional recovery of a skeleton with stable musculoskeletal structures and mobile

On acute injuries

- Reduction and synthesis of fractures: Fractures of the bones of the hand should be treated urgently. In some cases just a plaster immobilization bandage or splint digital. In other cases, professionals in Traumatology recommended as necessary reduction and internal fixation of the fracture.

- Repair of tendons: These injuries also must be repaired urgently. If damages are located in flexor tendons, which is very common in goalkeepers, for example, microsurgical suture tendon repair is done. However if lesions are found in the extensor tendons, is sutured with a circular extensor tendon point.

About chronic injuries

- Optimization of degenerative joints: There are different techniques described below:

  1. Ligamentoplastias autologous: These techniques are used to pathology in emerging evolutionary phases as the SLAC lesions (English Schapo Lunate Advanced Collapse) wrist.
  2. Replacement biomaterials: these materials require other techniques for treating injuries SNAC (English Scaphoid nonunion Advance Collapse) wrist and joint media escafotrapecial evolutionary stages.
  3. Alignment techniques or shortening osteotomy
  4. Synovectomy techniques, fusion and prosthesis for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
  5. Systems of partial mergers intracarpianas
  6. Trapeziometacarpal pathology techniques as arthroplasty and arthrodesis

- Recovery of the lost mobility: for this, performs a rebound tendon repair with silicone tubes interposed adhesion prevention systems, which carry non-stick membrane systems.

  • 2- seeking to restore sensitive information, and the role of relationship and communication in nerve and vascular lesions
  • 3- Those done as palliative therapy to default engine with stabilizers procedures and transfers of muscles and tendons
  • 4- Those that aim to solve the loss of sensation performing free skin grafts neurovascularizados
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By Dr. Eduardo Olalla Real
Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Olalla Real has over 10 years practicing as a specialized doctor of Traumatology and Orthopaedic Surgery. In the years leading active, he has participated in several conferences and seminars and courses and publications in national and international journals. Member associations specializing in national and international level, now part of the team IMATDE.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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