Growth factors accelerate recovery

Written by: Dr. Roberto Seijas Vázquez
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Growth factors are proteins, derived from platelets, that are found in the blood and that are activated naturally in the presence of injured tissues.. The use that can be made is to apply them in tissues with both acute and chronic injuries that by themselves are difficult to recover or to give more rapidity in the healing process.

Ligamentous injuries are one of the scenarios where their application shows great possibilities. When the plasma growth factors are applied in injured ligaments, we observe a greater speed in the regeneration of said tissues, being able to accelerate the recovery times of lesions that classically leave many patients out of sports, work or daily life..  

It is not so much about obtaining better results with this treatment, but an acceleration of the final result. The great advantage is that, in cases where regeneration may not be complete, the repeated use of infiltrations with plasma rich in growth factors can make a decisive contribution to the reconstitution of these tissues.



Wide potential

In principle, all ligamentous injuries can benefit from the effect of growth factors , but as long as there are ligament fibers on which you can act. It does not make sense to use them in cases of chronic ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament in which there are no fibers, but in the ruptures of the same ligament if there are sufficient remains and with adequate tension. In this scenario, factors can contribute to greater stability and therefore a much faster recovery.

In acute cases it is applied in liquid form for infiltration on the injured area in early times, repeating the infiltration if required after a week.. To do it in this way, we must control the patient to observe the speed of regeneration: if with a single infiltration we can give stability to a joint because it regenerates the ligament, we do not puncture more times since we will have achieved our goals of giving stability, reduce inflammation and pain of the affected area.

In addition, in reconstructive surgeries of the anterior cruciate ligament, it is usual practice to use growth factors, since they have shown an acceleration in the recovery times of patients and, in addition, translate into early reincorporation into sports practice.

Beneficial for athletes

In fact, these treatments are especially suitable in the sports area for its speed. It is evident that athletes have a special interest not only in recovering from their injuries, like any other patient, but in doing so in a minimum possible time to achieve a precocious sport reincorporation. Therefore, the growth factors are a very valid instrument to accelerate the reincorporations after ligamentous injuries to your usual sport.  

Any athlete who injures a joint, muscle, tendon, ligament or even bone and cartilage can benefit from this therapy. Until a few years ago we believed in the inability to regenerate tissues such as cartilage and now we have been able to verify that this is not the case. Biological therapies such as growth factors are able to regenerate tissues that we did not imagine.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Roberto Seijas Vázquez

By Dr. Roberto Seijas Vázquez
Orthopaedic Surgery

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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