Knee injuries and their treatment

Written by: Dr. Joaquín Cabot Dalmau
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The knee injuries are very common, especially in athletes such as runners or footballers. The most common are meniscal lesions, cartilage lesions of the patella and anterior cruciate ligament injury. These can be treated by arthroscopy. Although there are also treatments without surgery as ozone and growth factors getting regenerate the knee.


¿, are the most common knee injuries


The most common knee injuries, in short, are injuries to the menisci are fibrocartilage about coupling the femur to the tibia, is a typical injury for athletes. After lesions of the cartilage of the patella, also typical of jumpers, runners or sports such as basketball or volleyball, and maybe the star is the injury of the anterior cruciate ligament injury, very common in football. All these injuries occurring within the joint cavity are capable of being solved by arthroscopy.


¿What is arthroscopy


Arthroscopy is a technique that allows us to operate without opening the knee through small incisions, two or three holes, we introduce an optical connected to a television camera that allows us to see all intraarticular structures. By other orifices access the joint and we can introduce instruments to operate these menisci, cartilage or anterior cruciate ligament. The advantages of this technique are that it does not require admission to the hospital and the patient recovers much more quickly.


¿What operations are done for knee osteoarthritis


The best known is the prosthetic knee which consists of replacing the femur and tibia by a material, this would be what is called primary prosthesis, sometimes also requires replacing the patella. When these prostheses fail because after 15-20 years this starts to hurt when you have dentures or a painful prosthesis, must resort to change this prosthesis, remove and place another as you see, are few, but different large prosthetic. And, sometimes, there is already use the largest prosthesis which is called hinge, a prosthesis having a enables us to fully stabilize the knee. Thus, the prosthesis today we solve the problems of osteoarthritis and also the problems of the prosthesis own.


¿That there are non-surgical treatments


The surgery, but has some real good results, has its small risks. Medical professionals seek, before reaching the surgery, used to call non-surgical treatments. Within these treatments which include physiotherapy, rehabilitation, medications... I would like to highlight the regenerative treatments such as ozone therapy, the application of growth factors and infiltration of hyaluronic acid or other products. For example, the best known is that although cortisone is doing well is dangerous and we must try to avoid. Ozone and growth factors will allow us to make a natural treatments that will regenerate and stabilize the knee. Seepage today, if possible, be made with ultrasound that we will ensure that the needle is in the exact spot where we enter our product.


¿What are growth factors


Growth factors, in my view, is the regenerative treatment of choice. A blood sample from a patient, the platelets are concentrated in the same method with a closed or open. We use the combined closed with ozone also. And so, these platelets, once activated, the proteins that are released growth factors. These proteins in the joint or tendon injuries, because the growth factors also can be applied in both cases of tendinitis and osteoarthritis of the hip, knee, etc.. These will trigger regenerative reactions in joints or tendons so that it will regenerate the cartilage. Do not regenerate completely but enough to allow the patient to notice a very significant relief of their pain, their inflammation and also significantly improve functional capacity.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Joaquín Cabot Dalmau
Orthopaedic Surgery

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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