The baby should eat every three hours

Written by: Rosa María Espinosa
Published: | Updated: 30/10/2018
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Intakes or intakes in a baby approximately every three hours must be something that varies slightly in the case of newborns, where demand should be respected. Backwards, the frequency may be higher because the time between shots is less, for example, every three hours instead of every two.

During the first six months is recommended exclusive breastfeeding for the baby, maternal preference, although four months– before- in any case, can begin complementary feeding. This new feed should always respond to the recommendations of the dietitian or pediatrician, and will always be fresh, cooked by ourselves, and that lack of salt, sugar and honey Listing added. Food sugary are, besides the precooked and processed complementary foods less desirable to the baby's diet, and you should avoid at all times for the duration of this first stage of his life.


sleep problems

Avoid creating an association between an emotional need, or in the case of a lack of sleep routine maybe with food. Otherwise create the need to eat to calm moods, or in this case, for falling asleep.

If the baby can not sleep, and we know that can not be hungry, we must provide welfare another way: you may have heat or cold, need to change it or just look for affection



Quantity Food

Calorie needs of infants ranging from 115 and 90 Kcal / Kg / day. The diet of babies should be as varied as possible within the limits marked by the gradual introduction of new foods, providing sufficient quantities. That is, neither too small nor too large, with reference to the hunger of the small and common sense.


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 Rosa María Espinosa

By Rosa María Espinosa
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