Miracle diets to the operation bikini

Written by: Rosa María Espinosa
Edited by: Top Doctors®

diet-miracle-cream Despite the passage of time, still popularly known meal plans proposed by Dr. Atkins and Michel Montignac, today labeled "miracle diets" because of the speed with which supposedly form our body. However, what we pursue these plans and more recently created but with different names, neither as certain nor recommended as they want us to believe.


Depending on the woman, there are diets that recommend women a specific amount of calories depending on the width of your hips, if they represent a personal and not transferable data each. Another miracle diet is the diet of emergency, involving the loss of 2 kg and a half in five days ... Yes, water, not fat, so its results last only a short time.


Other suspicious diets

The diet of rice, chicken and apple is as curious as its name. Is, for 9 days, eating only rice during the first 3 days, only chicken in the next 3, and only apples in the last 3. Just she is gaining weight instead of losing it, because metabolism, rather than spend, save energy to survive the lack of nutrients.

We also found the ice cream diet that allows eating one every day ... Sacrificing food. Moreover, the diet express largely eliminates the consumption of protein and fat, wherein the fat allowed only one tablespoon of oil is up, and the only protein which comes from yogurt and gelatin.


Apparently healthy diets

If we listen "potato diet" We might think that is very healthy. But if it consists entirely of, we would clearly talking about a diet with a clear nutritional deficit. Curious is the Atkins, protein diet and in which all carbohydrates are removed with open bar meat, leading to an increase of cholesterol, triglycerides and uric acid, and the need to eliminate all the excess protein ingested. Finally, the Montignac diet can not mix carbohydrates with proteins and fats at the same meal, so presumably the body uses more energy digesting. If this were true vegetables, dairy, grains (bread, pasta, rice) or nuts should be removed from power by containing carbohydrates and protein at a time.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
 Rosa María Espinosa

By Rosa María Espinosa
Nutrition & Dietetics

Apart from the coordination center as well as to practice in their own lines of work, Rosa Maria Espinosa is the technical manager of the center, and responsible since late 2009 when the company was born, can have numerous collaborations in media communication and audiovisual nationwide.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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