5 simple tips to prevent childhood obesity and juvenile

Written by: Dra. Paloma Gil del Álamo
Published: | Updated: 23/02/2023
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Obesity or overweight affects more than 170 million children and young people in the world. Currently, it is one of the most serious problems of XXI century health, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). This alarm specialists and a young obese will in all probability an obese adult reaching develop all health problems that ultimately led it.

La obesidad afecta a más de 170 millones de niños y jóvenes. Conoce cómo evitarla en este artículo.

With a mission to prevent and raise awareness, Dr. Gil del Álamo considered important to instill healthy habits to our children with simple tips:

  • Ensure as far as possible make sure that our children do not eat alone or watching TV. Sitting next to him, making mealtime something nice for the whole family and remember that your child will eat what you eat.


  • Increase consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, introducing most of these foods daily. Ideally, take vegetables at lunch and dinner and at least three pieces of fruit daily.


  • Avoid, if possible, foods high in fat or sugar as bakery products, snacks and ready meals. Get used to read and analyze food labels you buy, since fats and added sugars are mostly on them. Prioritize fresh foods such as meat and fish and avoid as much processed.


  • Our children must replace soda water and goodies for non-fat snacks like turkey sausage. Remember that the amount of sugar applied to these products is very high and can seriously affect the health of your child.


  • Last but not least, forcing our children to exercise and do not lead a sedentary life. Try to minimize the time you spend watching television, computer games or video games and instills any type of physical activity and outdoor games. Enjoy a weekend with family and outdoors.
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By Dra. Paloma Gil del Álamo
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

The prestigious specialist in endocrinology, Dr. Gil del Alamo, has an extensive background in this field. In 1989, he graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the Complutense University of Madrid and in 1997 earned a doctorate from the same university. He has worked as a physician of the City of Milan and has participated and collaborated in numerous conferences and publications. From 1991-1994, she was a professor and tutor of students in the Department of Endocrinology at the University degli Studi of Milan. He has worked in the media as an expert on issues related to endocrinology and nutrition. Currently, he is a consultant and Endocrinology for Canal Sur television in Andalucia.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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