4 tips to overcome challenges

Written by: Dr. Antonio De Dios González
Edited by: Top Doctors®

During life, we always have to overcome challenges and obstacles that appear along the way, but all of them help us grow as people. It is therefore important to consider the keys to overcome them.

Build a vision to overcome challenges

The first step in overcoming challenges is to visualize the problem or obstacle from a perspective more distance to see the positive aspects involved, which promote the desire for growth and therefore help motivate you to overcome challenges with energy and passion necessary.

Sometimes these positive aspects can be seen time after having overcome the problem, because we realize that if it were not for this challenge, we would not have the characteristics we have now.

You may, at first, complaining flee the problem of why life is so difficult, but bear in mind that the difficulty is precisely what helps us improve and grow personally.

If you do not have a vision, it usually means getting stuck in the complaint, pursuant area we think that something or someone was going to solve the problem, ie we fool ourselves thinking that we can not do anything to address it. It is therefore crucial responsibility and ask how to deal with a problem to solve.


Find a goal to overcome challenges

Having a goal is something that helps us move and gives us strength and motivation to face difficulties as it helps to see the potential benefit that we get once overcome the problem. Clearly, nobody will do anything difficult if there is no satisfaction or worth the effort invested. It is therefore important to focus on what we can do instead of complaining all the difficulties and what we can not do.


Face fear to overcome challenges

Once marked the goals, the next step is to have courage to face the fear against the risk involved in seeking a solution to the problem. Again, this fear is reflected in the excuses we use to stay in our comfort zone. Still, once we see the way to solve the problem, we can not ignore it, because if we resist, discomfort takes hold.

Thus, to overcome fear, we must hear from wisdom, not believing what he says, and give us the assurance that, although in the past it was impossible, now have the resources to meet the challenge.


Trust yourself to overcome challenges

Finally, we need to trust not only in ourselves but also in life and in people around us that can help us.

To do this, we observe our capabilities honestly and fully meet the challenge, intention consistent with our values ​​and be committed to the effort to balance the benefits. This will help to have more strength and more confidence in ourselves.

If there comes a point where one is not able to solve problems and have difficulty following these tips, we recommend visiting the psychologist to address the problem.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Antonio De Dios González

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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