Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorders are a group of disorders that occur in preventing sleep stages enjoy a proper rest, continuous and restful. This type of disorder can have several causes, such as physical or psychological disease (hyperthyroidism, anxiety ...), and even cause other diseases or problems in daily life (fatigue, poor performance, daytime sleepiness ...). Therefore the medical diagnosis is necessary to determine their causes. Among the most common sleep disorders are distinguished: insomnia, which is the inability to fall or stay asleep properly according to the physical needs of each person; It is sleepwalking, which is a state in which the person stands up and acts in a semi-conscious during sleep, unaware of what you do not remember; night terrors, fear episodes of agitation that may be associated with sleepwalking; or nightmares, which are unpleasant and frightening dreams that cause a rude awakening in both children and adults.
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