Eagle's syndrome

All people possess a bone on each side of the base of the skull, tusk-shaped, up to each ear, about 4 or 5 cm deep. It is called styloid process and by style-hiodeo ligament joins the skull with her hyoid bone in the neck. When one or two ligaments ossify or calcify, occurs Eagle Syndrome. It is a rare disorder.

Patients presentarn a variable series of painful sensations in the throat, which define as intense and varied journey punctures localizazión. In addition, they may have ear pain, feeling of 'blocked', overproduction of Saluva, difficulty swallowing or speaking, limited neck movements, noise level of the mandibular season joint, sensation of a foreign body in the back mouth, forcing the patient to swallow frequently. dizziness or even temporary loss of consciousness. Sometimes it can be felt in the mouth abnormal oificación.

Suspecting Eagle syndrome, X-rays and a CAT scan especçificas be practiced.

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