Vestibular Tests

The vestibular tests are those studies conducted to examine the functionality of the inner ear responsible for balance:vestibule and semicircular canals. The ear is responsible for maintaining the look and posture through a vestibulo-oculomotor reflexes called and vestibulo-spinal. The review specifically the vestibular system is based on the study of a reflex phenomenon called nystagmus. This is an eye movement divided into two phases of different speeds:one fast and one slow, caused by the connections that link the brain with the vestibular system and the nuclei of eye movements. The aim of vestibular testing is to verify proper function of the organs of equilibrium ears if the patient suffers fainting. During the realization of these tests different stimuli applied to the inner ear, in which the temperature, also called caloric test is the most widely used are used. Other detection systems are tested for spontaneous eye movements, positional tests, visuo-oculomotor testing or rotational tests.