Diet for cholesterol

Specialty of Nutrition & Dietetics

Cholesterol diets aim to reduce high blood cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is an alteration in the production of so-called "bad" fats, and a deficiency in their synthesis and metabolism by the liver. This can lead to arteriosclerosis (accession of this fat in the arteries) so it is advisable to keep it at adequate levels, as with triglycerides. To this end nutrition cholesterol and triglycerides includes a number of foods that decrease blood levels. The general recommendation for cholesterol diet is to restrict the intake of saturated fats or animal, avoid refined sugars and all the bakery as well as butter, cream and meat, especially pork, etc. Instead, we must consume food to lower cholesterol such as whole and skim those without any fat, and cooked grilled or boiled, avoiding fried foods, sauces and ready meals. However, when not able to reduce these levels over a period of three months should seek medical drug delivery.
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