Kidney cancer

Specialty of Nephrology

Kidney cancer is a malignant tumor that involves the uncontrolled spread of cancer cells in the renal tubules. It is a disorder that affects mainly to adults over age 50 and men generally. The most common risk factors include smoking, hemodialysis and other genetic reasons (the exact causes are unknown). Symptoms of a kidney tumor usually the appearance of blood in the urine, pain in the lumbar area (near the diseased kidney), weight loss and abdominal weight gain. However, the majority of renal tumors are asymptomatic and tend to randomly detected from an x-ray test done for other reasons. It is a cancer that is detected early can be cured, and that because humans can live with one kidney, you can proceed to the removal of the malignant tumor organ to stop. But, when it is detected metastases (tumor spread to other organs) other specific treatments should be made to halt the spread of cancer cells.

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