Minimally invasive treatments for herniated disc

Written by: Dr. Jaume Soler Subirats
Published: | Updated: 16/11/2018
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The herniated disc is one of the diseases that most affect orthopedic patients under 45 years. The pain that occurs often occurs on one side of the body, usually sharp and interference with activities carried out during the day. Dr. Jaume Soler Subirats spent 18 years devoted to the techniques of minimally invasive surgery, with stays and practices with the best specialists in the world. Currently directs Minimante Invasive Surgery Unit, together with Dr. Garcia Amorena ( neurosurgery ). He also specializes in the techniques applied to ozone and Orthokine rheumatologic and orthopedic disorders.

The medicine of the future

According to the dr. Soler, the biggest evolution that there will in the next 10 years in medicine will be in the rational use of drugs, which will be specific to each case. In the case of pain and degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, the techniques that will be used minimally invasive applying natural principles as more evolved oxygen and others obtained through autologous organic matter, such as the method Orthokine and platelet growth factors.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dr. Jaume Soler is the pain of the discs and disc protrusions with a minimally invasive, surgical outpatient basis, with which the patient is given discharged within 24 hours of intervention. It is based on a triple therapy the risks of open surgery and general surgery are avoided. The use of percutaneous techniques, those applied through the skin, does not modify the normal anatomy of the spine. Another method of this therapy is that the points are given directly to disk, which prevents bone demolition and reduces epidural scar.

However, the results indicate that minimally invasive surgery solves 80 % of cases of pain from herniated disc protrusions or.

Ozone, an effective rheumatic treatment

Ozone therapy is a therapy that originated in Germany and has been used for over 40 years in various medical fields. It is based on the ozone application to the patient to treat various conditions. Its main benefits are: to stimulate white blood cells and therefore increase the defenses;detect mutagenic cells, those that can cause cancer or autoimmune diseases; and increase the release of oxygen from red blood cells. In addition, it acts as a germicide: eliminates fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Dr. Jaume Soler works with this technique applied to lumbar and cervical herniated discs, as well as problems of localized pain and osteoarthritis. In these cases, ozone injected into the paravertebral muscles, neutralizes releasing toxic breakdown products of the nucleus and which cause inflammation of the nerve. If injected into the disk, accelerates the degradation of the nucleus pulposus polyglucosides degenerate, which leads to reabsorption and dehydration thereof, thereby reducing the volume of the herniated material.

Orthokine for joint pain and back pain

therapy Orthokine born in the late 90s and is also known as“sports therapy&rdquo ;, since many athletes have benefited from it for their quick and effective results. It is highly effective for knee arthritis and diseases of the spine.

This technique is based on inject the patient proteins and growth factors obtained with his own blood in the affected area. Blood is drawn with syringes, incubated and centrifuged to give a blood serum which is reinjected into the joint.

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By Dr. Jaume Soler Subirats
Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Jaume Soler Subirats is a leader in the specialty of traumatology and more specifically in the treatment of herniated disc. He currently directs the Minimally Invasive Surgery Unit in the treatment of herniated disc using the "Triple Therapy".

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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