Psychological treatment from the approach transdiagnostic

Written by: Marta Giménez Páez
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The treatment approach is transdiagnostic psychological designed to learn to regulate emotions and behavior of flexible and adaptive. It is mainly done through individual exercises scheduled.

transdiagnostic approach This treatment focuses on the main cognitive, emotional and behavioral mechanisms present in a large number of very common psychological problems in the population.

Transdiagnostic approach is called basically for two reasons: firstly, it focuses on basic and common psychological processes in the origin and maintenance of various psychological problems and secondly, applies to a wide range of emotional disorders and clinical diagnostics.

The transdiagnostic treatment focuses on the common elements or factors involved in the origin, maintenance or increase the likelihood of developing psychological disorders.

Beyond the specifics of the various proposals, the emphasis is on the common elements or factors involved or the origin, maintenance or increase the likelihood of developing psychological disorders. Consequently, if these common elements are modified, among other processes including attention, memory, thoughts, expectations, and some tell me n sions of personality, can prevent possible common psychological disorders in the general population.

A therapeutic level, is to focus on these common core aspects or dimensions of personal functioning that may be affected (eg excessive attention to certain feelings or situations, hypervigilance, negative or distorted memories, automatic thoughts, mismatched expectations, perfectionism, etc.) , which in combination with more specific aspects in each individual case, increase the therapeutic efficacy and efficiency, underlying comórbiles influence symptomatology, helping to reduce the likelihood of developing other psychological problems.

For example, a person suffering from anxiety and comes to this type of treatment, you learn to identify to what situations, thoughts or physical reactions of anxiety reactions are triggered and that is what makes therefore common trends of thought, such as worry, mulling over everything, anticipating serious consequences if what you fear happens. From this process of recognition of their own emotional experience, you can develop new ways of interpreting situations and their ability to cope with the situation, increasing its capacity to withstand and overcome situations of distress or discomfort. As a result, the perception of control in situations improve, decreasing feelings of sadness and impotence. Thereby it would prevent the development of depressive symptoms, improving aspects of their self-concept and, therefore, their self-esteem to adverse situations.

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By Marta Giménez Páez

Specialist in Clinical Psychology with extensive professional experience. She is Director of the Department of Research, Innovation and Human Development Area. She is an expert in emotional disorders (anxiety, depression, adjustment problems, disorders associated with trauma and stress factors related to substance use disorders) and job stress. He has worked in various areas of health intervention related to psychological health (migration, gender violence) Master PhD on women and health. It incorporates the gender perspective in psychological treatment of men and women, combining clinical practice with research and clinical intervention in the framework of the prevention and treatment of psychosocial risks in the enterprise.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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