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Written by: Dr. Enrique Trilla Herrera
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A kidney transplant is done the people affected by terminal renal failure and require artificial methods of renal clearance. Renal failure, also known as kidney failure occurs when the kidneys are unable to filter toxins and other waste substances from the blood.

kidney transplant As specialists say Urology , kidney transplantation is a replacement therapy for renal function to clearly improve the quality of life of patients who depend on dialysis.


Risk of kidney transplant

There are certain risks associated with a kidney transplant, among them:

  • Vasculareds problems associated with surgery.
  • Heart problems or stroke
  • Wound infections
  • Side effects of medications prescribed to prevent kidney transplant rejection
  • Loss of kidney transplanted from other causes


Kidney donation

The transplant is performed with a kidney comes from a living donor or a donor who has died. For the living donor, usually it tends to be a related family. The person must express their willingness to donate the organ to be found in an excellent state of health. Kidney donation does not affect the quality of life or the donor's renal function.

After proper assessment of the potential donor nephrectomy is performed using minimally invasive techniques, such as laparoscopic surgery for the kidney to be transplanted. Using this technique allows the donor is quickly incorporated into your routine, because it is a short and barely causes postoperative pain.

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By Dr. Enrique Trilla Herrera

The specialist in urology, Dr. Trilla Herrera, is an expert in uro-oncology, more specifically in laparoscopic surgery as well as minimally invasive surgery. He completed his medical studies at the University of Barcelona and made the formation of MIR specialist at California State University, Bakersfield ( CSUB ), also won the title of Doctor in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona with outstanding"Cum Laude" ;. Currently, he is associate physician Urology Service of the Hospital Vall d\' Hebron, where most of the time takes care of the kidney transplant.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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