Sinusitis, a disease of the respiratory system

Written by: Dr. Xavier González Compta
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Sinusitis is an inflammatory disease of the cavities found on both sides of the nostrils. They are called paranasal sinuses. The factors that can cause them are diverse and varied, but usually appear as a result of complications of catarrh and allergic processes or dental problems.. They are often aggravated by alterations of the nasal passages, such as septal deviation or turbinate problems.

Although it is not a disease that affects a particular age group, it is more frequent in children because it is a population that has a higher number of upper respiratory infections.. We should suspect a sinusitis when the patient has an abundant mucus, a blockage of the nose and a heaviness or facial or head pain. These are the main symptoms, although in some cases, nasal bleeding, decreased smell, tooth pain, eye discomfort or fever may indicate that the person in question has sinusitis.


Two types

In sinusitis we can basically find two types: they can be Acute or Chronic. The acute ones have a duration inferior to three months, and their origin usually is infectious, by virus or bacteria as a result of a catarrhal picture or an allergic crisis. The Chronicles, on the other hand, are due to a persistent infection or an inflammatory alteration that results in the formation of polyps that clog the nasal passages.

The problem of not treating a sinusitis on time is that it goes from being acute to chronic. This considerably alters the quality of life of the patient, and can last for months or even years, and often requires surgical treatment to end it.

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By Dr. Xavier González Compta

It is a prestigious doctor that combines private practice with his position as assistant physician in the service of otolaryngology at University Hospital of Bellvitge. It has become one of the leading experts in pediatric surgery and minimally invasive endoscopic sinus surgery. In addition, he is a university professor and his career has been recognized with several awards.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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