Rhinoplasty, the star treatment cosmetic surgery

Written by: Dr. Ricardo Ruiz de Erenchun Purroy
Published: | Updated: 11/11/2018
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Rhinoplasty is today one of the star cosmetic surgery treatments. The nose is one of the most important parts to be at the center of the face. Performing a rhinoplasty may be due to two reasons: functional, also called septorhinoplasty, and aesthetic. Prior to surgery, the expert in Plastic Surgery should plan and establish the shape of the nose that best suits facial harmony.


Differences between rhinoplasty and Rinomodelación

Rhinoplasty surgery is responsible for improving the aesthetic and functional aspect of the nose while Rinomodelación is minimally invasive, non - surgical procedure to improve nasal aesthetics without affecting functionality. Another difference is the effect involves an intervention as postoperative pain or discomfort.

Despite the advantages of rinomoledación by not subjecting the patient under surgery, this practice can not be used in all cosmetic cases. This is because only performed for minimally modify the nose and for reasons of enlargement, reduction not. Nor is it feasible when required alter bone part or after cancer process or accident.

Rhinoplasty technique

Today, except in exceptional cases, the best rhinoplasty technique is the "open". Through a small incision in the columella, bottom that divides the nose into two holes, we visualize all the nasal structures allowing for more accurate and meticulous surgery to get a more natural result.


Advantages of open rhinoplasty

The open approach facilitates more accurate work at such a delicate structure such as the nose, respecting the structures that should not be handled and acting against those that must be corrected with pinpoint accuracy. The result is much more natural, and more importantly, stable with time.


Rhinoplasty: postoperative

Postoperative rhinoplasty is not painful. Inflammation and minimum hematoma that may appear weeklong. From that time patients can lead a normal life with certain restrictions, mainly of intense physical activity, during the first month.

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By Dr. Ricardo Ruiz de Erenchun Purroy
Plastic surgery

Dr. Ricardo Ruiz de Erenchun is a leader in the specialty of Plastic surgery, Reconstructive and Aesthetic with extensive professional experience. He is an expert in facial cosmetic surgery, breast surgery, body contouring surgery, male cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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