What does "personalized diet"?

Written by: Dr. Rafael De la Cruz Renovales
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Dieting is always a slightly expensive process. To do it properly you have to take into account various aspects, which vary by person. Hence the importance of a personalized diet.

By putting a diet to lose weight we must consider 3 elements:

1) Physical activity being undertaken2) smoker in your eating3) types of foods you are ingesting


This, as experts say in Endocrinology , is aimed at the diet is, first, as comfortable as possible and, on the other hand, we do not feel bad, especially on days of increased physical activity.

1) Physical activity being performed:That day we have to use carbohydrates for energy recovery and not feel bad.

Simple carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables) should be consumed before physical activity, to be used during the time of exercise.Hydrates compounds (rice, potatoes, vegetables, pasta) must use the days of physical activity and not other days. They can take throughout the day but better eat them at noon.

Proteins (meat, fish, dairy, eggs, legumes and nuts) will use them more often if you're doing hard physical activity or exercise weights.

2) Habits in the way of eating:It is important to take into account as far as possible, the way you eat that person (number of meals and food distribution). Later we give guidelines, if necessary, how to be better.

Ideally change habits gradually, with suggestions, without impositions. Keep in mind that habits are deeply rooted and change the situation suddenly become more annoying than it can be a diet. Some people do not eat lunch, or afternoon snack, or have changed work shifts and must adapt meals.

Therefore, we must go correcting the difficulties that may arise. Search for a person to get us to say "I do not feel a diet."

3) Types of food are eating:We have to make a tracking type of food you are ingesting the person. We will have to cut some, changing others for their healthier or more light and eliminate some of them.

Ideally, therefore, find that the diet is as personalized as possible.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Rafael De la Cruz Renovales
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

Dr. de la Cruz Renovales is a recognized specialist Endrocrinología city of Valencia. It has an experience of over 40 years in the profession. After graduating in Medicine and Surgery he specialized in Endocrinology in 1978. Since then he has devoted himself mainly to private practice. Currently a member of the service Medinorte Clinical Endocrinology. It also has numerous courses, seminars and diplomas in various medical specialties. He is an expert in the treatment of obesity, diabetes, thyroid and several polycystic syndrome.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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