Do you think you a blepharoplasty?

Written by: Dr. Pedro Pérez-Escariz Sánchez
Published: | Updated: 14/11/2018
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Blepharoplasty is a surgical technique that seeks to improve or rejuvenate the look. Today, not only the eyelids are modified, also the mask. All through complementary techniques that improve the result.

tense face With this technique, the specialist in Plastic Surgery removes and repositions the excess skin, fat and muscle straining ligaments orbicularis. He is very grateful intervention which can improve only the upper eyelids, lower or combine the four.

During the first 4 days after surgery, they are performed cures and reviews as this area has a very grateful skin and rapid healing. In fact, the points only last a week.


Contraindications of blepharoplasty

There are certain special situations where this surgery is not recommended:

  • Patients with glaucoma or retinal problems
  • Patients with metabolic disorders (diabetes, thyroid, ...)
  • Patients with dry eye syndrome


Postoperative period of blepharoplasty

During the first 24 hours is not recommended reading, watching television, exposed to computer screens, movies, and eyestrain prolonged.

Luckily, blepharoplasty is a surgery that requires only local anesthesia and sedation. No hospitalization is required that night, and after 72 hours the hassles start to decline. Even reduce inflammation begins, proceeding to the extraction of the first points.


What other alternative techniques to surgery there?

The results obtained with blepharoplasty are difficult to achieve with other non - surgical technique. If there is excess skin, muscle or fat, there is no other solution extraction.

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By Dr. Pedro Pérez-Escariz Sánchez
Plastic surgery

Degree in medicine and surgery from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Dr. Pedro Sanchez Perez-Escariz has a long formation which extends in the most prestigious hospitals in Europe and the United States. Your cosmetic surgeon specialization has led him to be the author of several chapters in books on the subject and participated in numerous forums and conferences. Dr. Pérez-Escariz also has an experience of 30 years and is currently working as a plastic surgeon Unit of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery IBERMUTUAMUR (Central Services of Madrid).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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