Operation ACL

Written by: Dr. Sergi Sastre Solsona
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The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL ) of the knee is one of the major ligaments that stabilize the knee. It is located in the center of the knee and mainly controls the movements of rotation.

Break ACL

Along with the lesion of the medial collateral ligament ( MCL ) is one of the most affected in sports accidents. The most common mechanism of injury is when the foot is fixed on the ground and the knee rotates, producing an exaggerated knee pivot. Depending on the movement performed, may also affect in the same accident to other structures such as the meniscus, cartilage, MCL, PCL… Being from more serious injured structures have few more.

Operation of the torn ligament arthroscopic

When injuries occur usually young people, complete ACL tears have to operate them all because, unlike other ligaments, the ACL never heals, and is required plasty for replace the torn ligament other.

Currently active and partial ACL injuries people, it is advisable to also operate to perform a technique augmentations partially torn ACL, since it has been found that patients with partial lesions continue playing sports, is very frequent progression to complete injuries and possible affectation of other structures mentioned, with gravity that entails.

The operation is needed in people who play sports, both amateur and professional. There is no age limit, so yes, the younger, more surgery indicated by the risk of meniscal and cartilage affectation to remain unstable knee. With the possible sequel involves lesion of the meniscus and cartilage in the future.

Knee arthroscopy

Currently we always use arthroscopy to perform plasty with the latest techniques supported by scientific society and demonstrate our jobs. Plasty using autologous ( patient's own tendons ), whether the hamstrings, quadriceps or patellar tendon function of age, sex, type of sport and sporting demands is recommended.

each treatment must be individualized to each patient. Like a technique can not be used for all patients. Not the same a man of 100 kg rugby player 50 kg girl practicing gymnastics.

Arthroscopy also allows to treat simultaneously associated injuries such as injuries of the meniscus and cartilage, common in this type of injury.

Possible complications after the operation the ligament

The most feared complication, as in any traumatology surgery is infection. When done arthroscopically indexes are much lower than the overall average, standing about 1-2%. Less common are thrombosis of the veins, the postsurgical stiffness or re-rupture of the plasty.

Rehabilitation ACL

You have to individualize a function of the patient and any associated injuries. In general and with the only lines ACL injury could say that accurately perform RHB for 2-3 months and then complete it in the gym. Approximately a month are walking normally, at 2 months starting bike, at 3 months toning muscle in the gym, 4 months career and from 6 months he resumes normal sport is allowed.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Sergi Sastre Solsona
Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Sergi Sastre Solsona is an orthopedic specialist section of Knee Clinic Hospital highlighted. Practice arthroscopic surgery as a treatment par excellence. He completed his training in Presbiteryan Medical Center (Columbia University ), Shoulder and Sports Medicine Department, with Prof. LU. Bigliani New York.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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