The integral vision of health II

Written by: Emma Barthe
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The emotions and body, intimately interrelated.

Until recently no one thought that the nervous, endocrine and immune system could be connected, much less that their relationship was essential for the proper functioning of the defense system. Hormones, neurotrasmisoras substances and cytokines (proteins that regulate interactions between cells of the immune system) are the mediators between emotions, controlled by the nervous system and the immune system, which would explain the neuroendocrine control of the immune system.

The body maintains a continuous dialogue with us and we must learn to listen and be guided by the messages you send to us through the symptoms we experience. The person who is aware of this reality, understand that disease may be the means by which change their attitudes to life and build a future according to their real potential.

Likewise, matters relating to the big questions, to universal principles, spiritual foundations, to the search for meaning and value around the disease are as important or more than those that have to do with the body and the psyche aspects. In this sense, the integration of the spiritual dimension in the treatment of disease are taking more relevant every day.

Explain the world through science is only superficial.

to access the truth should be a scientific perspective

and spiritual.

Dr. Eben

For traditional medicine, the healing of the body involves the main objective to be achieved. Ignores older meanings and values ​​essential to the disease, and recovery of health from the disease cinema one purpose of healing focused on the disappearance of the condition to purely physical level.

focuses his attention on the reality of the body thereby forgetting the existence of higher dimensions including aspects such as those relating to the mind, soul and spirit. The conventional approach to health intervention reduces the extinction of physical symptomatology and the quest for wellness. It is stated that it is important to maintain a good quality of life. A goal by fundamental and essential of course, but not only no end. What is really essential when faced with such situations that shake our internal security and stagger our existential stability is to find a greater sense that magnifies us as people.

Receive an cancer diagnosis must lead to a state of deep introspection, where we can see within ourselves, a greater force that allows us to glimpse the splendor and fullness of our exceptional nature, without the illness, pain and the possibility of death steal one iota of our inner peace.

It is said that the word does more harm than the disease cancer. Today the reinforcement of a day new medicine that takes the whole person arises, appreciating both the physical variables such as environmental, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. A drug that does not remain encapsulated in the symptom and note their interest toward discovering the causes« intrinsic»underlying organic imbalance and providing therapeutic to include in their conventional treatment practices that promote natural healing processes and activate the innate intelligence of our body.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Emma Barthe

Specialist psychologist in health and well-being. She is a pioneer in Spain in the use of bioinformation applied to physical, mental, emotional and affective wellbeing. Director and coordinator for several years (Los Angeles, St. Vincent Medical Center and The Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine. Of specific programs in the field of the psychology of the health from the integrative vision (Teknon Medical Center, Hospital Mutua de Terrassa) .It is recognized its prestige in the field of the evaluation of the personality and the behavioral modification. And Director of the Center for Integral Psychology and professor of the subject of personal leadership in the program BCM Brand Community Management Postgraduate / Master Course of BES La Salle. She imparts seminars on a continuous basis aimed at health and wellbeing as well as self-knowledge and In addition, for the past 23 years, psycho-oncology has dealt with the relationship between Health status, disease and the promotion of healthy habits. Author of several books. More information on its website

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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