"Most spinal injuries can be treated with minimally invasive techniques"

Written by: Dr. Pedro Mata González
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The latest technological advances have also been reflected in Medicine. Grounded in technical advances that allow us to get a glimpse of the surgical field through incisions small, radiology systems and techniques Intraoperative navigation. Thanks to them you can perform operations with minimally invasive techniques. Dr. Pedro Mata Gonzalez, an expert in this type of intervention neurosurgeon, explains the advantages of these techniques "allow us to meet the surgical goals with minimal aggression to the patient, obtaining recoveries in times until recently unthinkable and with minimal risk for the patient. "


What techniques are used to treat such a common injury like Lumbar Herniated Disc?

Microsurgery and endoscopic surgery are the techniques of choice for the surgical treatment of herniated disc. These consist of the rupture disc between the vertebrae to go outside compresses the nerves or spinal. Through a small incision and through a working cannula with an endoscopy camera or with the help of a surgical microscope we can extract disc fragments that are compressing the nerves.


What are the advantages for the patient?

They are procedures lasting less than one hour, the anatomical alteration is minimal, and the patient can be discharged at 24h. Thanks to them we get a magnified view of the surgical field, neural and hernia without exposing large areas without large scars.


In which cases should operate Herniated Disc?

You always have to individualize each case. Surgical treatment is indicated when there is neurological damage, loss of strength or altered sensation, pain or boxes that do not give medical treatment or patients by the size of the hernia involve a significant risk.


Do these procedures can be applied to other hernias and cervical?

Cervical disc herniations also treated by microsurgical procedures and the latest technical developments have made disc prosthesis allowing movement of the natural disc similar column. While these prostheses are indicated only in a particular group of injuries.


Does minimally invasive surgery can also be used in canal stenosis?

Yes, over the years and aging spine can cause narrowing of the same which results in oppressing nerves, causing pain and tingling and gradually reducing the mobility and movement ability of patients. There are different minimally invasive techniques, depending on the degree of involvement.


What are these interventions?

Interspinous devices percutaneous: in mild and moderate cases, or patients with diseases that complicate major surgery may use procedures under local anesthesia consisting placed percutaneously through a hole of 1 cm, a device for reducing the thickness of the ligament yellow and increase the diameter of the outlet holes of the nerves.

Microsurgical recalibrated: is a procedure that is performed under general anesthesia. Is to increase the diameters of the lumbar both the center channel as the output side holes. It is performed by using surgical microscope or magnifying lenses front light. The objective is to obtain space for the nerves at the expense of milling the walls of the ducts respecting the intervertebral joints and therefore the stability of the spine.

Artrodeis posterior lumbar-fixation using minimally invasive techniques: in some patients is necessary not only to decompress the nerves but also stabilize the spine because input is unstable or because decompressive surgery can destabilize. In many cases we can accomplish this with little invasive procedures, minimally altering the back muscles and achieving the aim of fixing the column with a time of recovery until recently unthinkable. you can use semi-rigid or rigid systems dynamic depending on the case.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Pedro Mata González
Neurological Surgery

Dr. Pedro Mata Gonzalez is a leading specialist in spinal condition and minimally invasive techniques Neurosurgeon. It has extensive training between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and currently holds positions in the centers where his practice. Dr. Mata Gonzalez is a member of several medical and private associations and author of several chapters in books published specialty, focusing on spinal condition.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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